The Nutty Choco Cookie

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Discover the essence of a New York-style cookie with us! Indulge in our big, thick, soft-centred, crispy-edged delights packed with irresistible flavour.

Satisfy your sweet tooth with our New York Style Cookies today!

The Nutty Choco: Walnut & Milk Chocolate Cookie

Choose a box of 4, 6, 12 or more

Other flavours available: 

The Red Velvet Royale: Red Velvet & Cream Cheese

The Berry White: Raspberries & White Chocolate 

The Blissful Biscoff: Biscoff Cookies, White & Milk Chocolate 

The New Yorker: Milk Chocolate  

The Oreo Marvels: Oreo Cookies, White & Dark chocolate

A Taste of Everything box

Ingredients & Allergens: Wheat flour, butter, sugar, eggs, milk chocolate and walnuts